class schedule

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15pm

(No class 10/16/19)



*$35 annual registration fee due upon enrollment.

**1 trial class is granted before paying the annual registration fee. Trial class is regular class price.


Who says gymnastics has an age limit?!

This class is designed for adults at the beginner and intermediate level who want to develop their tumbling abilities, receive a well-balanced cardio/strength/flexibility workout, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals! This class is perfect if you have never done gymnastics, were once a gymnast, or if you want a new challenge!

Classes will consist of using the following events: spring floor, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and trampoline.

Classes are 60 minutes long.

Skills worked on in Adult Gymnastics Classes:

Vault: Running and jumping up off a spring board, dive rolls, handstand flat-backs, front handsprings, 1/2-on entry vaults, beginner yurchenko vaults, etc.

Bars: Pullover, casting, back hip circles, front hip circles, gliding, tap swings, glide kips, under-swing dismounts, etc.

Beam: All directions of walking, lever, handstand, cartwheel, leaps, jumps, turns, side handstand, round-off dismount, side handstand 1/4 turn dismount, back walkover, etc.

Floor: Handstands, handstand forward roll, backwards roll, back bend, back walkovers, front walkover, back handspring, front handspring, cartwheels, side aerials, round-offs, running tumbling, etc.

What to bring:

A water bottle (we do have drinking fountains available) and a positive attitude!

What to wear:

Something comfortable and form fitting! You will be turning upside down! Please, no jewelry besides small earring studs and no socks.

Can anyone attend?

Yes! We recommend that you can do at least 10 push-ups, a 5-second wall handstand hold, and a .5 mile run comfortably before attending! Gymnastics is completely strength and endurance based and we want you to succeed while being safe!

More questions? Contact us at 614-571-1220!