CC's Gym Tots

This is a parent participation class designed to welcome very young athletes into the gym. Children will be able to explore the equipment and learn exercise while having fun! Gymnastics will help establish balance, flexibility, muscle memory, body position and beginner tumbling. Our classes consist of stretches, obstacle courses and activities on equipment. Your child will be able to walk on the balance beam, climb, hop, log roll, forward roll, backward roll, crawl, donkey kick, etc.

CC's Gym Tots Class

Pick a class day/time. Classes meet 1x per week. Schedule multiple classes and receive a multi class discount!

Age Class Length Cost
Walking to 3 years old- Parent Participation Required! 35 Min. $61 per month

Gym Explorers - Ages 3-4.5 Years

This class will introduce students to learning basic gymnastics skills alone with the instructor. Children will begin learning basic gymnastics skills and proper techniques. Children will work on skills and drills to establish their balance, flexibility, strength & coordination. Gymnastics related games, learning activities, and obstacle courses will be incorporated along the way. They will be able to experience the fun of gymnastics and getting active!

Age Class Length Cost
3-4.5 Years Old 35 Min. $61 per month

Gym Adventurers - Ages 4.5 up to 6 years

Our athletes will continue building upon their athletic skills while advancing their basic gymnastics skills. They will be able to use the techniques learned in previous classes to improve strength, muscle memory, body position and body awareness. Athletes will learn skills such as cartwheels, handstands, pullovers, etc. Children will also be able to experience class time on the big kid equipment such as the vault, bars, beam and floor.

Age Class Length Cost
4.5-6 Years Old 45 Min. $70 per month


Gym Champs - 6+ Years

This class is designed for Boys & Girls 6 & up. Athletes will be able to learn beginner gymnastics skills on all 4 apparatus: vault, bars, beam and floor as well as trampoline and rings! Children will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, learn proper technique and body positions. Classes are 1 hour long.

Age Class Length Cost
6 and Up 60 Min. $77 per month

Intermediate Gymnastics - 6 & Up

This class is open for Boys and Girls ages 6 & up and for athletes who have had experience in gymnastics. This class will take it to the next level by challenging your child with intermediate gymnastics skills on all the apparatus. Skills will be evaluated to move up to this class.

Age Class Length Cost
6 and Up 75 Min. $95 per month

Advanced Gymnastics - 6 & Up

Skill evaluation required. This class focuses on advanced gymnastics skills. Students must have a backhand spring to be able to participate in this class. Routines will be introduced along with advanced conditioning and stretching.

Age Class Length Cost
6 and Up 90 Min. $100 per month

Tumble Champs - 6+

Our beginner tumbling class will work on basic floor tumbling skills beginning with cartwheels and round-offs to back handsprings! We incorporate stretching and conditioning along with progressive drills to build up athlete’s strength and tumbling skills. Boys and girls ages 6 & up are all welcome to join the class!

Age Class Length Cost
6 and Up 60 Min. $77 per month

Int/Adv Tumbling - 6+

Int/Adv Tumbling is for boys and girls ages 6 and up. This class is for athlete’s who are more advanced and have experience with tumbling. Athletes must be able to do a standing back handspring to participate in the class. Athletes will work on: standing tumbling, series tumbling, front tumbling, twisting, and more.

Age Class Length Cost
6 and Up 60 Min. $77 per month

For Boys and Girls! This class teaches strength, agility, creativity, discipline, and total body control. Each class will feature obstacle course training and conditioning. The class combines multiple components such as: gymnastics for safety, martial arts for control, parkour for coordination, and more. This class will have your athlete feeling confident and tired when it's over!

Age Class Length Cost
6 and Up 60 Min. $77 per month

Create-A-Class (Ages Walking & Up)

Create your own class at a time that works for you! This class can include gymnastics, tumbling, hip hop dance, or fitness. There is a minimum of 3 participants per class. Create-A-Classes are great for athletes with special needs, play dates, dancers, cheerleaders, various organizations, and more! A minimum of 3 participants are required to start a class. Sessions are paid for 4 classes at a time. A $50 annual registration fee must be paid for new members ($15 for each additional sibling).

Call 513.319.1512 to schedule your Create-A-Class!

Age Class Length Cost
Walking and Up 45 Min. $80-$100/4 Week Session

Enroll into classes, make payments, and more through your Parent Portal!

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35-Minute Classes

$61/month (4-week month)

$76.25/month (5-week month)

Class information

Enjoy our program All Year-Round! Classes are offered on a monthly continuous enrollment. Tuition is pro-rated if joined later in the month.

HOW TO ENROLL: Enroll Online Here! Create an account to Register For Classes and pay monthly tuition. You can also Call 614.571.1220 (Columbus Location) or Email to enroll! 

 Click Here for our full list of Class Procedures and Policies plus tuition amounts! 


60-minute classes

$77/month (4-week month)

$96.25/month (5-week month)

additional CLASS INFORMAtion

NEW MEMBERS: New members must pay $60 annual registration fee upon enrollment. $20 registration fee for each additional sibling. We also offer sibling discounts on classes!

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Members are required to notify us 30 days prior to withdrawing. Your child's withdrawal date will follow 30 days after notification. Please notify us by email!


90-minute classes

$105/month (4-week month)

$131.25/month (5-week month)


Gym Skills encourages all children to live a healthy and active lifestyle!  Our main focus is to get each child up and moving, and having fun! Children will develop their strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and body awareness that all aim to improve a child's health.

Grow with Gym Skills

Gym Skills class set to grow crucial youth developmental skills. Children will not only gain the many health benefits of being active, but classes will help develop social learning and cognitive abilities!